Alex Napier Holland

Content Creator & Creative Director

Remote Work

I weaponise content.


More than a decade of sales and marketing performance for top digital agencies and SaaS brands.


International sales expertise - with clients across Asia, America, Europe, Africa, and Australia.

70+ SaaS

Sales-focused website copy and content strategy services delivered to global SaaS and technology brands.

For freedom.

My mission is to disrupt traditional ideas about lifestyle and creative expression.

I spent most of my twenties working in international sales for software and publishing companies.

I dreamed of a more exciting life.

One day, I quit my job and flew to Australia.

I spent a year diving, surfing, and training as a sales copywriter with top advertising agencies.

Now I create content for some of the world’s biggest technology brands while I travel the world.

I believe in the power of technology to unleash creativity and human potential.

And I’m here to make it happen.

My projects.

Freelance Sales Copywriter
SaaS and Technology Brands
London, UK

I write landing pages and consult on content strategy for more than 70 SaaS and technology brands – including Adobe and

Creative Director & Co-founder
International Schools
Geneva, Switzerland

I build landing pages and creative assets that transform traffic into paid-up students for some of the world’s top international schools.

Project RIDE

Music Producer and Guitarist
Adventure Sports Brands

I make music for cinema and adventure brands – including the Red Bull BC One world breakdance championships.

Let's talk.

I’m open to collaboration and exciting opportunities.