Alex Napier Holland

Content Creator & Creative Director

Remote Work

I weaponise content.


I write landing page and website copy that drives sales for global SaaS brands - including Adobe and Salesforce.


I make music that blends beats with electric guitars for cinema and adventure sports films - including Red Bull Media House.


I travel the world and my clients span five continents - so follow my blog for freelance and performance tips.

Performance = Freedom.


SaaS and technology brands.

One decade

of proven sales and marketing performance.

Clients pitched and closed across



'Working with Alex was not just profitable, but an outstanding experience.

 I highly recommend him if you are a SaaS company looking to grow rapidly.'
anow PropTech
Ikenna Okoroafor
Growth & Marketing
'Alex's real talent is on display when he gets you to understand the consumer's mindset and speak to them in a way that truly resonates and drives action.'
Khalid Hamadeh
Ad Optimum
'Alex's ability to sell tech using human language has helped our launch tremendously. I totally recommend him - especially if AI and ML are part of your product.'
Tom Shrive
Ask Porter

Are you ready for freedom?

1. Find your service

Find a combination of audience, problem, and solution that matches your values and interests.

2. Focus on performance

Focus on achieving high levels of performance over a 6-24 month period - with daily practice.

2. Build your freedom

Launch a strategy to work your way up from 'low-value freelancer' to high-value consultant'.

My mission is to disrupt traditional ideas about lifestyle and creative expression.
I spent most of my twenties working in international sales for software and publishing companies – but inside, I dreamed of a more exciting life.

One day, I quit my job and flew to Australia.

I spent a year diving, surfing, and training as a sales copywriter with top advertising agencies. I re-trained myself from the ground up to work, perform, and deliver world-class results while working remotely. And now I get to create content for some of the world’s biggest technology brands while I travel the world.

I believe in the power of technology to unleash creativity and human potential – and I’m here to make it happen.

1. Escape

I spent most of my twenties feeling 'stuck' in corporate sales and dreaming of freedom.

2. Hit

One day I quit my job, flew to Australia and started again - with nothing but a laptop.

2. Build

I trained myself to write copy and worked for top agencies - then founded my business.

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I’m open to collaboration and exciting opportunities.