Alex Napier Holland

Freelance content creator for technology and adventure brands

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I weaponise content

Creative output that delivers proven results


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Creative skills tempered by proven sales performance

My corporate career spanned journalism, advertising – and international sales for B2B and enteprise software brands.

Since 2017 I’ve travelled the world and worked remotely as a freelance sales copywriter.

Follow me to discover some of the skills and knowledge that I used to free myself from 9-5 commuter life.



Sales copy that drives revenue for global technology brands

My clients include Adobe, Salesforce – and key players across software, engineering, automation and electric vehicle sectors.

• C-suite choose me because I challenge their business strategies.

• Technical founders trust my real-world sales experience.

• Marketers appreciate my ability to interview customers and interface with CRO.

• Designers love my wireframed copy and deep use of UX principles.

If your technology business needs more sales and hotter leads – choose a proven performer.



Music featured on adventure sports film soundtracks

My passion is the intersection between creative expression, athletic performance – and technology.

I plan to get back into regular music production now that my sales copy business is a smooth operation.

'Alex's real talent is on display when he gets you to understand the consumer's mindset and speak to them in a way that truly resonates and drives action.'
Khalid Hamadeh
Ad Optimum
'Working with Alex was not just profitable, but an outstanding experience. I highly recommend him if you are a SaaS company looking to grow rapidly.'
anow PropTech
Ikenna Okoroafor
Growth & Marketing
'Alex's ability to sell tech using human language has helped our launch tremendously. I totally recommend him - especially if AI and ML are part of your product.'
Tom Shrive
Ask Porter


Pills Color

Obsessed with UX (user experience) and brand aesthetics

My goal is always to build a compelling product – and copy must be aligned and formatted to serve each goal and technical limitation.

I lead customer research on any creative project – and develop full mockups with Adobe XD and Figma.



Fascinated by fitness and performance. Powered by plants.

Martial arts transformed my life as a teenager. And I actively train in weightlifting, trail running – and a range of adventure sports.

I’m 100% plant-based for ethical reasons – and I like to meditate and experiment with supplements.

Podcast & Blog


Committed to remote work - and sharing my skills with you

You don’t have to choose between creative satisfaction and a well-paid career – or the freedom to travel and work remotely.

But you will need sales, marketing and remote collaboration skills to succeed in today’s market.


From failure to freedom

How I broke the rules and escaped 9-5 life


Pills Color

Expelled from two schools. Advisor to leading universities.

I hated school – and schools hated me.

Somehow I graduated in international relations – and trained as a journalist in London.

I fell into international sales and became fascinated by the relationship between culture and personality.



A rehabilitated (former) international sales executive

My clients included government ministers, energy companies, countless senior executives – and world-class universities.

But who cares if you’re not aligned with the dreams, ideas and values that you felt as a teenager – right?



Remote work with amazing people - anywhere on earth

I worked with some of Sydney’s top design and CRO agencies – then I flew to Bali and became a full-time remote sales copywriter.

Now I travel freely and work with countless talented designers, developers and tech entrepreneurs.


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