August 2023


What do you think of cynicism? Studies suggest that we often mistake cynicism as an indication of life experience and competency – eg. ‘Cynical people must have found out the hard way that it’s foolish to be optimistic and to trust others’. However, studies (link below) show that… 📈 People who are willing to trust …

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Volume is king

Volume is king. It’s the cold and uncompromising fabric of achievement; a harsh truth that most people find too painful to accept. There is no six-week program. There are no shortcuts or hacks. Either you will train daily for years, or you won’t. There is no third option.

Meetings are a conspiracy

Meetings are the primary tool that talentless middle-managers wield in their mission to harvest the energy and creative output of the small number of talented people in any business who know how to perform focused creative work. We will defeat them.