Hey, my name’s Alex.

I’m a digital nomad. I create content for technology companies and adventure brands, while I travel the planet.

Music Performance

I produce music and play guitar for adventure brands, including Red Bull Media House.

Digital Nomad

I work remotely, so I can travel and work anywhere I want.

My story.

I used to work in an office.

I worked in international sales, closed big software and advertising deals on five continents, drove fast cars and bought lots of STUFF.

But I felt empty.

I love mountains, the ocean and cinematic experiences.

So, I quit my career, hung up my suits, got a job on a building site – and spent months studying digital marketing, while pitching for my first clients.

It was hard.

But now, I’m free to explore the world and enjoy the adventures that I dreamed of – while I produce content for big technology companies.

📽️ Cinema is the next step.

I’m passionate about electric guitar and adventure sports.

My guitar work’s featured on Red Bull productions including the BC One soundtrack.

I’m working on a music project for adventure sports and would love to work with athletes, content creators and more adventure brands.

I’m passionate about the digital nomad lifestyle – which already helps so many people to explore themselves and unlock their creative potential.

Let’s Keep in Touch.

If you’re involved in film-making or content creation for adventure sports, let’s chat.

If you’re a technology company looking for powerful sales copy and content strategy, head to gorillaflow.com.

I’m slowly adding content for creative people who are trying to build their own lifestyle – so drop by again soon.