About me

I write landing pages and conversion-focused website content for disruptive brands.

You need a product evangelist; a conversion copywriter with proven international sales skills – and the ability to lead design teams.

That’s me.

After I graduated in international relations I trained as a journalist in London and worked for the UK’s largest independent press agency.

Tabloid journalism’s a filthy beast.

So I switched to international sales – and closed deals for enterprise software and advertising agencies across five continents.

Industry experts trained me to consult and sell with a range of consultative and hard sales strategies.

My clients included government ministers, multinational corporations and global universities (ironic, as I was expelled from two schools).

I had all the copy-paste benchmarks – a nice apartment with a BMW parked downstairs and tailored suits.

Surprise. It did nothing for me.

So I sold everything, flew to Sydney, Australia – and switched to conversion copy.

I worked with two of the city’s top CRO and design agencies – then moved to Bali and founded my own consultancy business.

Now I’m based in the Algarve, Portugal and I’ve worked with 100+ software and technology brands – including Adobe, Salesforce and autonomous car startups.

You can hire me at my agency page